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Building the Philosophers’ Stone

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An esoteric blog that follows Frater ShadowEater as he seeks Justification, the process of preparing the soul for immortality after bodily death.

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I Learned to Eat my Shadow

February 15 2023 I know I talk a lot here about self improvement. I believe in it because I’ve seen great results with it. I also believe in getting help with some of the heavier lifting. While black booking, rituals, talismanic incantations, affirmations, servitors, imaginal work, shadow work,and divination have yielded wonderful results and subtle…

A Peek at my Pokémoncy

I learned to read tarot cards with the Rider Waite Smith deck, like everyone else who didn’t learn on the Thoth deck. Those two are chock full of esoteric symbolism, which some folks naturally get, and others have studied long and hard to recognize. I’m not one of those people. I wrote keywords on my…

A Chaos Magick Zine by Green Mushroom Project

I am honored to be included in a zine put together by my pals at the Green Mushroom Project! You can read my contribution Level Up on this blog, which includes links to prerequisite concepts. Check out the rest of this fantastic indie publication below!

An I Ching Self-Initiation

I Ching, or the Book of Changes is not just a super insightful method of divination. Studying the text can offer an excellent road into esoteric knowledge. While I did go out and buy a lovely hardback edition with more supplemental information than the translated text itself, you can access the exact same translation of…

Mindbender’s Initiations

An Intiation or Rite of Passage marks the entry into something. If you’re here, which hopefully you are, we are interested in a magickal or spiritual initiation. If you are here looking for another incarnate human to initiate you, keep looking elsewhere. Those exist and might be deeply transformative and important milestones to some, but…

Level Up Your Life

with Color Magick, Introspection, and Affirmation I’m not a health professional. This is for entertainment and information. Ready to live a life of contentment? Well, stop chasing what you don’t actually want. This article  is not a collection of spells for getting laid and getting paid. There are plenty of other sources for that. What…

I’ve created a chat group!

There’s now a Discord Server dedicated to this blog. I’m hoping to discuss the books and practices I’ve shared. I also need a place for people who are practicing my trigger reset technique to gather, so… Here we go! I hope we connect soon. Join here!

Why struggle? Rewiring is easier!

I’m not a health professional. This is for entertainment and information. Have you got big dreams? Something you work toward, but get stuck and frustrated by? Are you a self-saboteur? It’s a real inconvenience, right? Well, while trying to enhance my intuition, I discovered a great pairing of scientifically validated techniques (and one paradigm) that…

The Imagination Zone

Approaching astral projection, journeying, visions, active imagination, etc. as one phenomenon, and clear resources for learning.

Spiritual Cleaning

A comparison of different approaches to spiritual cleanliness and one beginner’s opinion on them both.

About Frater ShadowEater

When he isn’t solving industrial manufacturing problems by day, under his government name, he’s talking to spirits. Sometimes they talk back!

He used to spend his free time writing science fiction and fantasy, until the writer’s muse revealed itself to be something much more than make believe. Hail Eris!

Now he’s peeking under the esoteric veil, going well beyond psychological self improvement into animism and the art of change.

Frater ShadowEater, pondering esoteric mysteries.

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